A Peek at Our Preschool Day

I was homeschooled from 2nd to 12th grade (bless my mother!!!)

Just because I was homeschooled doesn’t mean that I am a firm advocate for homeschooling EVERYONE. Family dynamics, a child’s personality, and circumstances need to be considered when educating your children. For us, currently, we have chosen to homeschool our kids.

My children are preschool age and younger, so homeschooling them is  easily incorporated into everything we do. Yet, I want to instill structure and a classroom-like setting for them.  When I say classroom-like setting, I mean sitting still when being read to, staying at the table and not playing during lunch, or being able to follow instructions for an activity.

So, to help myself and hopefully my children out, I took on the task of making a weekly preschool planner!

Week plan for the letter B

I try to keep my days simple. *Cue laughter from my husband*

Mornings start with getting dressed, songs and books, and having breakfast. If we are going somewhere, we usually do it after breakfast (gives me more time for other things in the afternoon). But, if we are having a stay at home day, we do a craft and/or activity and plenty of outdoor play! We’ve probably finished our schooling by now.

Lunch is simple; often followed by more books and ends with a nap/quiet time. I sleep or prep some things for the rest of the day. When the children are up again, we snack and head outside. Whatever craft/activity that wasn’t done in the morning is either caught up on or nixed during this time.

In between Lunch and Dinner is TONS of play time while trying to incorporate a few chores. Haha, yeah right. We try.

I try to kick my kids outside as much as possible because it means that I can get things done inside a lot quicker. If you have children, you know what I mean. They add 2 hours to your 30 minute project! Doing chores like helping load the washing machine, dusting, sweeping, or wiping off the table all of a sudden takes eons. Seriously. So our house isn’t perfect, but they are learning and so am I!

After having dinner around the table, we play, read, go for a walk, bike, anything to get them good and tired for bedtime 😉

Reading his baby to sleep

That’s my vision for each day and each day presents it’s own challenges. Praise God that even when I feel like my day was a disaster I can still say God is good and He is working something better or of my mess.